Terms and Conditions,

Jakt för Livet Play

Conditions for buying subscription

The subscription is valid for one year and the price is stated in the shop, the currency is Swedish kroner. 

Once a subscription has been purchased, but has not yet been applied, it is still possible to cancel the purchase. 'Applied' means that some of the video content has been seen on Jakt för Livet Play.

In case of withdrawal of purchase, the subscriber will have to contact Jakt för Livet Play at robert@jaktforlivet.se for the refund.

The subscription

Once the subscription has been purchased, login details will be sent to the buyer. After that, the subscriber can log in and watch the contents of Jakt för Livet Play whenever desired.

Note: If you have not terminated your subscription before the one year period expires, a payment will automatically be deducted for a new subscription, which will be extended for one year.

If you unsubscribe during a period you will not in any way be refunded for the rest of the period.

The Subscriber cannot in any way transfer the subscription agreement to any new Subscriber or third party.

The subscription gives access to all the material at Jakt för Livet Play in a streamed video format.

Subscribers are not allowed to download any material, share the content in any way or share login information with other persons.

It is forbidden to reproduce any material at Jakt för Livet Play or use it in any kind of corporate related business without special granted permission.

In case of breach of the terms, Jakt för Livet Play will bring the case to the courts for compensation and sue for breach of rights to the material.

Obligations of the Subscriber

The subscriber is required that the specified user data is valid and current and does not infringe third party rights.

The subscriber is also obliged to update data for Paypal account or debit card.

Access to Jakt för Livet Play

The videos on Jakt för Livet Play can basically be seen from all types of devices, ie device types that are widespread and created to watch video from.

However, Jakt för Livet Play disclaims any responsibility that mobile devices may always access the platform.

Please note that payment for data traffic is a matter between the Subscriber and his or her telecommunications company.

Jakt för Livet Play is not responsible for technical issues, malfunctions or dysfunctions associated with the mobile devises or errors caused by missing updates of mobile software, browsers or other software embedded in the mobile devices.

Jakt för Livet Play is not responsible for coverage, quality, security and provision of services etc on mobile networks.

Subscribers are responsible for their devices being supported.

Terms of termination

The subscription is valid for one year from the date of purchase. If the subscription is terminated in this period, there will not be given any refunds for the expiration period, and your subscription will be active until the end of the period.

The subscription will automatically renew on a yearly basis unless the subscriber explicitly terminates the subscription. Your subscription will in case of explicit termination be active until the end of the subscription period.

For subscribers that wish to cancel their subscription and who have purchased access by card, login to your account and go to settings for your account. From here you can cancel your subscription.

If the subscriber has unsubscribed, but wishes to extend the subscription anyway, this is possible until the subscription expires simply by paying for a years subscription in the shop.

Force Majeure

Jakt för Livet Play aims but does not accept responsibility for the videos being accessed or maintaining a subscriber's expected quality.

Jakt för Livet Play can be down for short periods, due to maintenance or for other reasons.

Jakt för Livet Play is not responsible for errors caused by force majeure, ie war, earthquake, rebellion, theft, nuclear damage, renewable power failure. Similarly, delays in transmission, line connection errors, or malfunctions caused by telecommunications companies, computers or mobile devices with malfunctions, lightning, floods, fire, strikes and lockouts, including strikes and lockouts among Jakt för Livet Play's own employees.

Jakt för Livet Play reserves the right to continually change the portal, its services and settings, all in the best sense and for the benefit of Jakt för Livet Play's subscribers.

Disputes and complaints

In the event of a dispute between the Subscriber and Jakt för Livet Play regarding conditions arising from the subscription agreement, the Subscriber may appeal to Jakt för Livet Play.

Jakt för Livet Play basically makes a decision in the case within 1 month after the complaint has been lodged, but aims to process the case as soon as possible.